Submit your Chimney Installation Planning Worksheet

Installation Planning Worksheet


In order to provide you with the parts you will need for your chimney project, copy and paste all the information below into an email. Answer all the questions and email the questionnaire to [email protected]  If you have any questions or would like to complete this form over the phone, give us a call at 518-755-1110.


1. Fuel type? (wood stove, pellet stove, chimney relining, etc.)

2. Diameter required? (refer to manufacturer’s instructions from the appliance you are installing)

3. How do you plan to install? (Through-the-wall, through-the-ceiling?)

4. Do you currently have chimney pipe? (What brand? What diameter?)

5. Do you have a preference of double wall or triple wall chimney pipe?

6. Do you have a preference of single wall or double wall stovepipe? (How close to a wall (ceiling) do you need to be? Minimum of 6˝ with double wall, 18˝ with single wall?)

7. What material is your roof covered with? (Shingles? Metal?)

8. Measurements (We need the following measurements to calculate a quote for you?)

Ceiling Height? (Measure from the ceiling to the floor in the room that you are installing appliance?)

Appliance Height? (Measure the height of the appliance you are installing.)        

Does your appliance vent out the top or out the back?

Number of Stories (Measure from the ceiling to the floor for every story the chimney will be going through)

Attic Height? (Measure from the roof to the bottom rafter)

Roof Pitch                         Ceiling Pitch (if cathedral)                       (Any offsets – refer to offset charts - flat ceiling or cathedral ceiling?, Offset installation, chimney relining? any other information we may need?





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