How to install a flashing on a metal roof

I prefer to use a DSA flashing also known as a dead soft aluminum flashing. This flashing is super thin and very flexible to curve around the humps in the metal roofing. Following is the proceedure for installing the DSA flashing. You can call us with any questions you may have.


On this install we are replaceing a rubber boot flashing that was previously installed. The first picture shows the rubber boot flashing removed and this is what you would start a brand new installation with.



The next step is to clean the roof surface. this one is dirty so we used a scrub pad shown in the following photo. Then you can see how clean we made the roof where we are putting high temp silicone. You also see how thin and flexible the flashing is.

metal-roof-install-3.jpg                             metal-roof-install-4.jpg


Following making the outline of the flashing with a marker or pencil



Following put a large bead of silicane inside of your mark all the way around the flashing.

metal-roof-install-5.jpg                         metal-roof-install-6.jpg


Screw it down in a way that its fits tight over the humps of the metal roof. 

metal-roof-install-7.jpg            metal-roof-install-8.jpg     metal-roof-install-9.jpg


Use your feet to flatten the flashing down over the contour of the roof.



After  screwing it down securely, do another bead of silicone around the edge also put some silicone on all the screws as well. Use your finger or a tool to smooth the silicone around.

metal-roof-install-12.jpg      metal-roof-install-13.jpg


I like to put a bead if silicone around the base of the flashing as well. 



I also like to put a bead of silicone around the top of the flashing. 



Place the storm collar on the pipe and make sure its tight. 



Put a bead of silicone around the top of the storm collar, and seam. If your storm collar is a multiple size storm collar you will also need to put silicone on the other slots if any are showing.  



After putting the silicone on use your finger or a tool to smooth over the silicone. 



Install your cap and your done.





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