How To Install A Chimney Chase Cover


This video is intended as a demonstration only. XpressFireplaceStoves.com is not liable for damage or injury incurred with your chase cover installation. Consult your hearth professional, building inspector and owner's manual for the specific installation needs of your appliance. Your building inspector is a great source for information.

Hello, I’m Mike McDowell with XpressFireplaceStoves.com and we’re going to show you how to install a chase cover. The first thing you have to do is one you receive your chase cover is dry fit it, just set it on there and make sure everything fits. Did you want to try the storm collar? The storm collar fits properly. The storm collar will hold this in place once it’s tightened. The bigger holes allows the air to circulate up through. Keep the heat out from the chase box. Okay, now we’re ready to pre-drill holes in the chase cover.

This one is 32” inches on one side, so you want to place your screws 2.5” in on either side and then one in the center, at 16”. And now we are going to pre-drill the holes for the screws. Okay, now we’ll go back up to the roof and install the chase cover.

Okay we’re back on the roof. We’ve got the chase cover in place and we’re getting ready to screw it in place now. We use stainless steel screws, and we’re using our pre-drilled holes. There were three on each side, so twelve screws total. And make sure that is centered on the chase.

Now we are going to install the storm collar. Silicone on the top of the storm collar. We use a high-temperature silicone for this entire job, so everything with silicone is with high temperature silicone. Of course the silicone is the most important part. Make sure you seal that up properly.

Now he’s reinstalling the chimney cap. The chimney cap was previously installed when we were waiting for the chase cover to arrive.

Let is set up for a couple of minutes and we’ll level her out.

Okay, we’ve got the screw holes are now siliconed and everything is weather-proofed, and we’re all set with the installation of the chase cover. Thank you for watching. 


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