Dimplex 60" Professional Built-In Box With Heat for CDFI1500-PRO

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Dimplex 60" Opti-myst Pro 1000 Built-in Firebox with Heat Accessory. Does not include the CDFI1000-Pro 1000mm and CDFI500-Pro (500mm) built-in cassettes.

Install as a single sided unit or remove the included hi-gloss backer panel and convert to a see-through design, contains a discrete heater.

The Dimplex Professional Built-In Box allows streamlined installation of the CDFI1000-Pro and CDFI500-Pro Optimyst cassette. With the heater incorporated into the Dimplex CDFI-BX1500 box, you can increase the functionality of your CDFI1000-Pro and CDFI500-Pro Optimyst cassette. The Dimplex CDFI-BX1500 box is designed for one-sided or two-sided see-through installations. Dimplex CDFI-1000-Pro and CDFI500-Pro sold separately.

See also the Dimplex GBF1500-Pro, for combination CDFI-BX1000 frame plus CDFI-1000P cassette.

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