How To Install a NZ3000 Wood Fireplace

Here is an installation we did on a NZ3000 Wood Burning Fireplace.

NZ3000 wood burning fireplace

We began this project by placing the fireplace unit on the floor, although setting it on a hearth pad is also an option. 

We started the chimney with a 7" anchor plate. To save money on the interior of the house, we used a galvanized outer shell chimney. On the outside of the house we used a section of stainless steel. 

We used metal studs in the front and kept all other clearances as required.  

For penetration through the first floor, we used a firestop joist shield. We also used an attic insulation shield to maintain proper clearances through the first floor ceiling and keep out insulation. 

We ran the outside air up the left side of the unit, 90° to the right out to the eve so it would be hidden.

NZ3000 wood burning fireplace installation

We added an offset kit in this system to make it over to the chimney chase.

NZ3000 wood fireplace installation.jpg

Here is a closer look at the firestop joist shield.

wood burning fireplace installation

The back of the unit has a tab that sticks out, showing the clearance to the wall.

fireplace installation

This photo shows the outside air going out through the eve.

NZ3000 fireplace installation in new home

This photo is the left side view showing outside air. 

The outside air kit with the unit comes with only 4' of flex. We used a 50' length.

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