How to install a DuraVent snow splitter

The DuraVent snow splitter is recommended if you live in an area that has heavy snowfalls or you have a metal roof. Without a snow splitter your chimney is at risk for snow damage from sliding snow. Sliding snow can cause serious damage even to the point of no repair.

The snow splitter is actually a snow break that cuts the sliding snow like a knife, saving your chimney from damage. Following are the instruction for installing a snow splitter.


To install the Snow Splitter you will need a screw gun, silicone sealant, and #10 stainless steel wood screw 1 ½” long. You can also use 10 penny nails instead of screws


Step 1:
Assemble the snow splitter. The snow splitter comes in two pieces so all you have to do is slide the two triangular pieces together.


Step 2:
Once you have your snow splitter assembled the next step is to place the snow splitter into position. For best results, position the snow splitter on the roof with the center of the snow splitter aligned with the center line of the chimney pipe. Maintain a 2” to 3” gap between the chimney and the snow splitter. If possible, Extend the snow splitter at least 3” beyond sides of flashing and at least 6” higher than the flashing cone.


Step 3:
Secure the snow splitter to the roof using #10 or heavier screws sufficiently long enough to insure that the fastener is adequately secure to the roof. Before tightening the fasteners completely apply silicone sealant or similar weather proofing sealant under each tab to seal the screw hole in the roof. After tightening the screws put silicone sealant over the screws or nails.

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