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Design Center

Welcome to our design center. Here at Express Fireplace we strive to help you create a space in your home that will be relaxing, social, and functional. We are here to enhance your life style. In my home the fireplace is where all the great memories happen with friends and family. The fireplace is a focal point that helps create these memories. 


Below you will find a link to the Napoleon design center where you can create your custom design. The link will take you to a different website. After visiting the website and creating your space please be sure to come back to our website. I recommend copying the following link before going to the design center so when your done there you can paste our web site back into the browser with ease.  If you need help with design, pricing, technical support, or anything else, feel free to contact us at 518-755-1110. After designing your space click on COMPLETE. Then click on SHARE, send the design to us at and we will quote your fireplace or stove with the options you chose. Please include your phone number or email address so we can contact you.



1100x656-main-product-image-lv50-efire-napoleon-fireplaces.jpg             ascentx36b.png

Linear Gas Fireplace                                                       X36 Gas Fireplace


1100x656-main-product-image-xir4-napoleon-fireplaces.jpg      de1b4ccad26338b952d589f8c71bc685.jpg

Gas Fireplace                                                            Gas Fireplace


3-220x220-gallery-galaxy-gss48st-napoleon-fireplaces.jpg     lhd50-white-kitchen-napoleon-fireplaces-500px.jpg

GSS48 Outdoor Fireplace                                 LV50 Gas Fireplace


napoleon-gx36-2t.jpg    napoleon-nefl60fh-300.jpg

X36 Gas Fireplace                                                  NEFL60 Electric Fireplace


HDX40 Gas Fireplace