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Where can I find an installer?

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National chimney sweep guild offers certified and very qualified installers. Homesaver.com is a distributor website that offers certified and qualified installers. Angieslist, and Homeadvisor offers installers that are at a minimum have had a background check and are pros in the field. Other chimney professionals can found by searching Chimney sweep online. Other chimney sweep groups can be found by searching chimney sweep.

How to Install a DuraTech Insulated Chimney Pipe

Below you will find a two illustrations for how to install a DuraTech Insulated Chimney Pipe. They both illustrate a typical DuraVent through the ceiling installation.The first illustration includes the chimney cap, wall strap, tee with cap, wall thimble, adapter and tee support.The second illustrates the chimney cap, storm collar, flashing, attic insulation shield, firestop radiation shield, [...]

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Gas vs pellet vs wood

Can't Decide Whether to Use Gas, Pellet or Wood?Our Stove and Fireplace Unit Summaries May Help You Decide Gas units - Easy to operate, usually turn on with a switch or remote and are easy to operate. These only require annual cleaning and inspection. No wood or bags of pellets to store and haul into [...]

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How to Install a Chimney Liner

XpressFireplaceStoves.com is DuraVent Approved Internet Seller. They have provided the following illustrations of a typical liner installation project. For proper installation, you may also need to wrap the liner with insulation. It is also recommended to use high temperature insulation to fill the gap around the damper. This drawing illustrates the Cap with Storm Collar, Top Cover [...]

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NZ3000 Wood Fireplace Installation

Here is an installation we did on a NZ3000 Wood Burning Fireplace. We began this project by placing the fireplace unit on the floor, although setting it on a hearth pad is also an option.  We started the chimney with a 7" anchor plate. To save money on the interior of the house, we used a galvanized [...]

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How to Order A Chose Cover

FireplaceStoves.com. Hello, I’m Michael McDowell, from Xpress This is how you order a chase cover from Xpress Fireplace. The first thing you have to do, as you’ll see in picture 1, is measure the length and width of your chase. What you want to do, side one, is measure outside to outside. And then on side 2 [...]

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How to Install A Direct Vent Pipe

Below are illustrations of some typical direct vent chimney installations. Cathedral ceiling stove installation Masonry chimney conversion Fireplace vertical termination Metal chimney conversion Co-linear insert Stove with snorkel horizontal termination Stove horizontal termination XpressFireplaceStoves.com is a DuraVent Approved Internet Seller

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How To Install A Chase Cover

Hello, I’m Mike McDowell with XpressFireplaceStoves.com and we’re going to show you how to install a chase cover. The first thing you have to do is one you receive your chase cover is dry fit it, just set it on there and make sure everything fits. Did you want to try the storm collar? The [...]

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How to Install a DuraPlus Chimney

How to Install a DuraPlus Chimney with a Manufactured Home, Attic Offset, Oil Furnace, Cathedral Ceiling Roof Support or Through-The Wall. DVL or DuraBlack Stovepipe Ceiling Support Box Wall Thimble DuraPlus Chimney Attic Insulation Shield Roof Flashing Storm Collar Chimney Cap Elbow Elbow Strap Tee with Cap Tee Support Bracket Wall Strap Firestop Radiation Shield Snap-Lock Adaptor, DVL/DuraBlack Chimney Adapter, DuraBlack Slip Connector Extended Roof Bracket DVL or DuraBlack Chimney Adapter DVL or [...]

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Oval to round Wood stove outlet

A lot of people contact me this time of year to find out if any of the oval to round adapters will fit there wood stove outlet. I have seen all sizes of oval outlet over the years. Unfortunately most of the time my oval to round adapters won't fit unless they are connecting a current model Vermont [...]

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